Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Best BC Beer to Pair with Sushi

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Sushi is Vancouver's go-to meal, there is a sushi restaurant on every corner in town. While Asahi and Sapporo go nicely with a California Roll there are better selections from BC for you foodies out there.

Here is a list of local brews to pair with your next sushi meal.

Phillips Brewing Ginger Beer

This is a great ginger beer and it pairs perfectly with anything on the menu but it is killer with fish and veggie rolls. This brew goes down easy while also carrying a nice hit of fresh ginger. Available in bombers around the Lower Mainland. All sushi restaurants should carry this beer!

Driftwood White Bark Witbier

Another clean, crisp ale from the island, this beer goes well with sashimi. According to the brewery's website "this traditional Belgian-Style wheat ale is brewed with the addition of freshly ground coriander and curacao orange peel."

Parallel 49 Old Boy Ale

The lighter ales like Farmhand and Ginger Beer go nicely with the fish and veggie plates, but the maltiness of the Old Boy accentuates the teriyaki flavour of this meat dish well. Old Boy isn't available year round so nice alternatives would be Deep Cove Brewing's Loud Mouth Pale Ale or Howe Sound Brewing's Rail Ale Nut Brown.

For the most part, when pairing beer with sushi you should be looking for lighter beers that don't overpower the flavour of your dish. Try the beers listed in this article and search out new beers that pair well with your favourite dishes. Share your favourite beer pairings in the comments or tweet me at @VancityBeerGuy.


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