Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Australia Day in Whistler

January 26th was Australia Day around the world and if you live just an hour away from Whistler, the Australian Capital of Canada, you head there for the party. Our group only decided to book the night in Whistler a couple of days beforehand. Due to our lateness the only hotel rooms available in all of Whistler Village were $300 or more, not quite within our budget. After some searching we found the perfect room for us just outside of the village at Riverside Resorts: a Yurt. For those of you who don't know what a Yurt is, here you go.

A yurt is a mongolian tent used by nomads of the Steppes. With enough room for 5 people and a short cab ride from Whistler Village, it was a steal at $79 a night. The winter chill wasn't a factor inside of the Yurt as well, it's a great spot to stay and I'm definitely going to be going back with friends.

The drinking starts early on Australia Day as many of the Aussies take the day off from work and hit the pubs when the doors open. My group, like many of the celebrators, hit up the Longhorn Saloon & Grill. The Longhorn is located right at the base of the ski slopes and is the top spot for après drinks. By the time we arrived in Whistler on the glorious 'Bluebird day' the patio was already packed with a loud and boisterous crowd of Australians decked out in their country's colours.

We immediately grabbed a pitcher and sat down with a group of strangers who seemed exceptionally fun. Being that they were Australian and had a couple of beers in them, we were immediately welcomed into the group. The members of the table were from all across Australia: Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Sydney were the representative cities.

A member of my group lost their wallet in the bar early on in the evening so we weren't able to do the bar-hopping we were expecting to, so we stuck it out at the Longhorn with everyone and partied the night away.

The next morning we were a bit groggy, as was the rest of Whistler, so we hit up my favourite brunch spot in the Village, Elements. If you stop in, make sure to try their selection of eggs bennys along with one of their caesars.

Australia Day is Whistler's biggest party due to the large number of Australians working the slopes during the Winter season. The party goes late into the night with lots of beer, dancing, singing and "Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!" chants. I had an absolute blast with all of the Aussies and to wrap up the night in a Yurt was a great experience. If you enjoy a wild party with a bunch of fun, exciting foreigners then Australia Day in Whistler is the party for you.

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