Tuesday, 21 January 2014

#CoffeeBreak - Milano Boutique Coffee Roasters

After a brief vacation from our #CoffeeBreak routine Jayda and I continued our quest to visit all of the top coffee shops in and around Vancouver by stopping in at Gastown's Milano Boutique Coffee Roasters

Known for their exceptional espressos and recommended by many, Milano was an easy choice to check out.

While looking at the selection of espressos they all looked so delicious that we couldn't choose which one to go with. After our barista, who was very knowledgable, described each espresso to us we decided to have a taster flight of them all. She gave us three of the five for our flight - the house blend "La Futura", "Conca D'Oro" and "Classico". 

While we didn't try it, the pour over option had many positive reviews from people we talked to during our visit. Will have to try it out next time!

Jayda and I loved the different spots to sit around the room. There was a hanging table, solo spots to sit at and ponder and various tables for two. We chose to sit at the communal table made of cement. It was a nice change from conventional seating arrangements.

The espresso flights with steamed milk and a chocolate flavoured and rose-water flavoured macaroon. The rose-water macaroon made for a great palate cleanser between sips of the three espressos. 

In order from lightest to darkest we had Conca D'Oro, La Futura and the Classico. Jayda was partial to the Conca D'Oro while I enjoyed the roastier and more fuller flavours of La Futura.

Milano was, like the other coffee shops we have visited on our #CoffeeBreak experiment, top notch. The staff were knowledgable and accommodating, the shop itself was unique and well put together and the espresso was exceptional! 

You can follow Milano on twitter and Instagram at @MilanoRoasters and if you aren't already I invite you to follow me on twitter and Instagram at @VancityBeerGuy!


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